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Thread: Binnacles

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    Stephen, the interior of that car is amazing. Nice work!


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    I would be very interested in one in gray. plus I'm in Europe so it won't be a difficult shipping
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    I am also very interested pending pricing and shipping information. I would need one in gray.

    Now that you have had one of these installed for a couple years, have you seen any issues such as color fading? Your pictures look amazing. So much nicer than the leather wrapped binnacles currently available.
    David Proehl

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    Yep - I'm 100% interested. Been holding out multiple years waiting for the repros. If you have this kind of solution, I am ready to commit. 1 in grey please as long as it doesn't break the bank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevie67cars View Post
    Anyways, is anyone interested in one? Please reply to this thread if you are, stating which colour you would prefer. Pricewise, when I see how many are interested I will be able to work out a price for you- I dont expect them to be crazy expensive and I will try to price them fairly, but as I said, they are a bit labour intensive but the end result is worth it imo.

    As I am in Ireland I know shipping to the US can be problematic but I am looking into the best solution to that at the minute- shipping will be exactly what it costs me. Being fibreglass, they are a whole lot lighter than the originals so shipping might not be too bad.

    Talk soon ,

    I am interested in a black one.
    Patrick C.
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    hi, I am very interessed in a grey one

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    Hi Stephen,

    The binnacle looks great. Depending upon price, I may be interested in a few of them (maybe a couple black and a couple gray).

    Any close-up photos would be great to see, but no rush ... whenever it fits into your schedule, before or after the holidays.

    Rich W.

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    I'm in for at least one depending on price.

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    I'd be interested in black

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    I'd buy one in gray.


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