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Thread: DMC Estimates. Need advice.

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    You mentioned you are a new owner. A common problem among "newbies" (new owners) is that they take what the seller says about "minor" problems and optimistically believe any repairs would be inexpensive. They wind up overpaying for the car because of it's condition and get upset at the shop that tells them what they really bought and what it is going to take to fix it. I would guess that is part of your frustration. As pointed out in another post, and we assume they DID get in touch with you and asked for you authorization what would you have said? Can't put it back together and can't finish the work so now you are either going to "bite the bullet" and pay more or take it home in a trailer to sit. The shops that work exclusively on Deloreans don't have to inflate the job to make money, they have plenty of work so they are not looking to "get rich" on any one customer. They also have a reputation because it's a small world and word would travel fast. This problem that you face is not just a Delorean problem, it can happen at your local garage with your daily driver. The shop does it's best to estimate what a job will take but often it doesn't always work out that way. Not anyone's fault, things you didn't expect can happen. One reason many owners like to do as much of their own work as they can. You feel you have more control. Maybe you could try to do some work on the car yourself. This forum encourages it and offers everyone's advice and experience to coach you through. If it is any consolation many owners have spent lots more than you and wound up with less done. At least you know what was done was necessary and it was done by a shop that knows what they are doing and will stand behind their work. Enjoy the car and you will soon forget this minor problem.
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    Before the Wynns bought the California shop and it was owned by another party I had a very bad experience there. No question that I was cheated badly years ago. But I want to be clear that things have changed dramatically under their ownership. (As its water under the bridge - I'll respond to PMs if anybody really needs details, but I don't think its worth going into at this point.)

    Danny has always been an upstanding guy, and with Cameron coming in the problem was cut away in my opinion.

    I've always discussed what to do with them if things come up each time I've worked with them, and never had a misunderstanding since things turned around. Further, it sounds like in your case a lot of the extra work was absolutely required just to do the tasks you agreed on, not optional at all. Unfortunate, but required.

    Just make sure in the future to discuss contingencies when you drop the car off. If you want to get called for every thing that comes up, fine, but discuss it first and be prepared to take the call whenever the phone rings. If your not always readily available, do check in calls and give them an understand of what they can and can't do without talking to you. If they are about to do something "Risky" and know you are unavailable for calls for a few days, they will wait till you are available before starting, etc.

    It's hard working on older cars. Despite the bump in the road I think you can trust these guys without reservation. Just make your preference crystal clear in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tianlung4028 View Post
    Thank you all for your responses and feedback. I just wanted to be clear, I fully intend to pay DMC for their work and time. I'm not a deadbeat. I was just curious if doing work above and beyond the estimate before getting approval from the owner was a standard procedure for DMC. It appears, and I hope, that this incident was just a comedy of errors rather than a systemic problem with DMC. I am a little disappointed that this episode was my first experience with DMC and I hope I won't have this problem again in the future.
    I am a little hesitant, however, to take my car back to DMC-CA as I feel that they have damaged my trust by not getting approval first before doing the work, something that a part time mechanic knows. I know that the community is small and I appreciate their knowledge and resources. Maybe with future communication we can work these issues out.
    If you take the car elsewhere your bill is likely to be higher, as well as the likeliness of having improper work done. many shops will turn the car away due to its obscurity. DMC CA works on these cars every day, your neighbourhood mechanic does not. They know best. You are really shooting yourself in the foot making a fuss about this.

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