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Thread: Is a Porsche 928 V8 a possible engine swap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMCMW Dave View Post
    You'd be taking out a somewhat finicky engine and replacing it with an even more finicky engine that doesn't fit very well and uses much more expensive parts.
    Dave is 100% correct. Just check the Porsche forums and ask about the reliability, cost and frequency of repairs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ras12 View Post
    Dave is 100% correct. Just check the Porsche forums and ask about the reliability, cost and frequency of repairs.
    I looked at buying one last year around this time. Then I saw a receipt where the clutch job cost nearly $3000.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mark w View Post
    /\/\/\/\/\ Correct.

    I own an 81 928 and an 81 Delorean. I have thought of this too.

    There was 6 versions of the 928 engine (All Alusil block)

    4.5L with CIS- 78-79 16V 219 HP
    4.5 with L-jet (AFM) 80-81 16V 220 HP
    4.7L with L-jet (AFM) 82-84 16V 234hP
    5.0 with motronic (MAF) 85-86 32V 288 HP
    5.0 with motronic (MAF) 87-91 32V 320 HP
    5.4 with motronic (from GTS) 32V 93-95 360 HP

    928 engines are not that bad or complex. they just all suffer from 30 year old car syndrome and poor upkeep. Yes, the timing belt is like 6 ft long on 32V cars and the water pumps need attention every 10 years or so, but remember this was a super car and before we ever saw the 100K intervals we see on todays cars. Parts are way more expensive but readily available from Porsche or many secondary suppliers. There is also a huge used parts resource with placed like 928 International. You cant beat the smooth, fat torque curve of the 928 V-8. the S4s pull hard well up to 160 Mph.
    You forgot the GT engine @330hp, and then there’s all the different ROW spec engines, mainly the 300 and 310 hp 4.7. The latter is super rev-happy and a total blast!

    Personally I currently own an S4 5-speed.

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    There is ANOTHER thread with a guy proposing to swap a 928 engine into his delorean. I hoped it was a one time occurrence, but I have been unfortunately proven wrong.

    It was a bad idea in that thread, still a bad idea here.

    But dont let me stop you!

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