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Thread: Terrible customer service rant thread

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    If you give me the details on your honda i can give 'em a call and see if they have any in their yard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lwanmtr View Post
    If you give me the details on your honda i can give 'em a call and see if they have any in their yard.
    Why? Did the online search feature break? It's right on their homepage:

    Cleveland's right around the corner, W 130th is a VERY familiar area to me, I've been there a few times.

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    A postscript to this story - a yard near me got an 86 in with the same engine as mine, so I went and grabbed the valve cover for $11. Suck it, Phil's Salvage! (I didn't even really need it but it was in decent shape and I figured I should get it just in case.)

    Now if only the front fenders had been intact...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaraSue View Post
    When the guy tells me it's going to be $50 shipping (the actual part was $25) I tell him I'll get back to him. He responds with "No problem, I'm used to people wasting my time." WTF?
    Clearly you need to enquire about more parts. Even for cars you don't own. Then he will have a valid reason to be pissy with you.
    Also ask for a pic - then ask for another from a different angle - then tell him you found one local - but thanks for wasting your time with over priced shipping.

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