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Thread: Gates Power Grip Hose Clamps - Use on VOD hoses?

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    You donít need to get completely around the clamp. Iirc 70%

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    I don't recommend keeping and reusing the original clamps or even 10 year old clamps. While running my car I noticed a growing puddle under the right front of the radiator. When I looked for the leak I couldn't find anything obvious so I began tightening the clamps some of which were original but looked good. The one that was leaking snapped on the band! Never seen a clamp break like that before. Bad luck. Replace the clamp with new one and started the car again, now a leak on the drivers side but from a different area. Tighten it a bit and it also snapped, a clean break of the band. So I am now in the process of getting all new clamps. If I had been on the road it would have been a flat bed ride or maybe even an overheated engine. Certainly not worth the $30 or so in new clamps.

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