I have the following available for sale. Prices are in Canadian dollars and I'd prefer not to ship, i.e. meet in person like at the upcoming tech day this Sunday in Milton. I will have everything listed here with me on the weekend.

Cold/warm air intake 3-way valve (105952 x1) $30.00
Shield, splash (black) (111184 x1) $10.00
Heatshield, starter (NOS-original material) (101045 x1) $10.00
Coil wire (red) (106907 x1) $10.00
Dummy switches (used) (105610 x2) $5.00
Two hole lock plate (100919 x11) $1.00
Lower engine cover retaining strips, 486 mm (106388 x2) $10.00
Lower engine cover retaining strips, 145 mm (106392 x2) $10.00
Lower engine cover retaining strips, 145 mm, double edged (108465 x1) $10.00
Ashtray, trim around (short side) outside edge is cracked/missing (108748 x1) $30.00
Pull strap, black with ring (Not sure if leather or vinyl; came with car in 2007) (108658 x1) $15.00
Passenger arm rest cap (narrow, black) (W300002 x1) $10.00
Seat belt receptacle (driver), in mediocre shape (100701 x1) $10.00
Seat belt bezel (used) (106615 x2) $5.00
IKEA cupholders (x2, one black and one red) $2.00
Battery underpad, rubber (simple rectangular shape cut from gym equipment underpad material, 1/4" thick) (x17) $2.00
RUN DMC seat cover, new (x1) $20.00

Message me if interested in something and I will set it aside for you.