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    Hello again.

    I've got a new problem.

    When leaving work today, I pulled out of the garage, stopped to check my phone for traffic, and after a few seconds, the car died.

    I managed to start it up again, but it died again immediately.

    I was able to do this a few times until it wouldn't start at all.

    It felt as though it was only starting after the initial death because there was still pressure in the fuel system.

    So, based on that, I did the following...

    Jumped the RPM Relay - Pump Runs
    Tested voltage at pump - Voltage good
    Checked fuse 7 - Not blown
    Moved the plunger on the inertia switch - No difference

    Even with the RPM relay jumped, the car will not start. It seems like the engine isn't getting fuel, so I'm planning on pulling the injectors tomorrow to see if they are even spraying.

    Any suggestions? Or things I should be looking out for?

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    Check the connectors on the ballast resistor. One of those wires being loose will cause the car to do what you described.

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    If you've jumped the rpm relay, the fuel pump should immediately run. If it doesn't, check for battery voltage at the white/purple wire at the fuel pump.

    The inertia switch is a safety isolation switch from the fuel pump to earth (ground). The inertia switch can be a bit problematic, regardless of the inertia switches plunger position, so to rule this out, use a multimeter on resistance and see if you get 0 ohms between the fuel pumps black/purple wire and the negative battery post or chassis. If this is open circuit ie no resistance measured, suspect the inertia switch and/or its wiring.

    You could TEMPORARILY add a jumper cable from the black/purple cable at the fuel pump and the negative battery post and if the fuel pump now runs continuously (with the jumped rpm relay) then that's your problem.

    You've done testing to determine a positive supply? But as this is negatively switched, you need to test the earth (ground) side too.

    Good luck with it
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    Thanks all.

    After plugging everything back in today, the car is running again. I am assuming it was either a problem with the RPM relay or the Fuel Pump. I think I am going to replace both for good measure.

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