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Thread: DeLorean real world review

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    DeLorean real world review

    Over in the UK I've been threatening to make some kind of film about the DeLorean for a while, and finally this last week the stars aligned and made it possible.

    I thought it would be productive to make a film which doesn't approach the car with a bias or angle because pretty much everything we ever see about the car either has a point to make, or is just riddled with bad facts. I'm a fan of both Harry's Garage on youtube and Jay Leno's garage - and this more or less fits into that mould.

    I made the film with the help of DCUK, and spoke to Nick Sutton and Barrie Wills ahead of shooting to make sure there were no major bloopers in there, so hopefully I'm pretty close to a definitive appreciation of the merits and indeed malfunctions of the car. There's so many myths out there about the car and they're not necessarily all accurate or fair so I wanted to address some of those too.

    I've also come from a UK owners perspective - would be interested to see how US owners feel about it?!
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    Great work! I loved it and although one would assume you are biased in your aporoach, it was rather an unbiased review!

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    Pretty cool video man !

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    Excellent review and production quality. I really enjoyed this!

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    Awesome video man loved it

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    New link - only changed the wording of myth 2 but I feel it's important:
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    That's a great video. Nicely done!!

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    As someone who doesn't put their car near the wet stuff, that opening scene was truly harrowing.

    Great video though. Love Harry's Garage and you're already 10 steps ahead in production value.

    Well done!
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    Really nicely done. Of all the DeLorean driving/review-type videos I've seen on Youtube, this one might be my new favorite.

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