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Thread: DeLorean real world review

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerzybondov View Post
    New link - only changed the wording of myth 2 but I feel it's important:
    Really enjoyed the video. How do you like the stainless steel Door Struts?
    Chris Miles

    For Better or Worse I own a DeLorean!
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    Thanks for all the feedback - glad you all liked it! The stainless door struts are great - would definitely recommend.
    | DCUK 027 | VIN 7176 | London, UK |

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    Well done, sir.

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    Enjoyed the video, watched it with the wife and I the other night. I've also shared it out to some non-DMC car guy friends to illustrate some points. Thanks!

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    Nowadays I do not watch Delorean videos, because most of them are the same, but I loved to see this. Great!

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    Outstanding! Beautifully shot and edited.

    I also love how the narrative addressed the myths about the car instead of the man.
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