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Thread: OEM taillight circuit board screw fix

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    OEM taillight circuit board screw fix

    Although I tightened up the socket connections on my original taillight circuit boards with a pointed nail punch which worked perfectly initially as described in this thread ( ), after a few miles they both developed a couple intermittent connections. I think this was caused by road vibrations having their effect on the inherent flaw with the rivets, and was aggravated by the somewhat longer and heavier LED bulbs.

    So, I tried the "screw fix" mentioned in the thread.( original source : )

    I chose #2-56 X 5/16" Phillips pan head machine screw, 2 X #2 flat washers, 1 X #2 lock washer, and a #2-56 hex nut, all in stainless steel, in each of the 20 socket rivets.

    I got my hardware from Bolt Depot for less than $10 shipped. The tools I used were a #1 Phillips screwdriver and a 3/16" socket/nut driver. Here is a picture of the parts and part numbers:

    After carefully tightening the rivets up again with the nail punch, I installed the first two screws like so:

    Here is a cross section of the installed hardware. The 5/16" length machine screw is a perfect size for 2 flat and one lock washer:

    All 20 machine screws installed in the right taillight circuit board:

    Here is the left side taillight board strengthened:

    All repaired:

    If your OEM taillight circuit boards are are otherwise good shape, you can try this $10 fix. I just thought I'd add some pictures and process to the known fix and devoting it to a specific thread ( thanks to Gregadeth for posting the original DMCNews link).

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    Great write-up Dana! I'm glad my link helped you.

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    I did this same fix years ago and it has been very good - no problems with rear lights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roberto View Post
    I did this same fix years ago and it has been very good - no problems with rear lights.
    I also did the "screw fix" back when you could get the hardware at Radio Shack for about $3. I also soldered all of the connections. No problems since. While the improved circuit boards are a very nice fix they are expensive compared to this if you are at all handy. I also added a third brake light on the louvre.
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