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Thread: Bogus Delorean Being Sold on Ebay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by peternikkiskinner View Post
    I also contacted this seller and he/ she said

    "Like i told you the car was fully restored before i bought it and i don't have the receipts . I told you the car is ready to drive right now and doesn't need anything .
    The vin number is SCEDT26T0BD006944."

    I asked to see it and take it for a ride. No response. This VIN is for a higher mileage car and the engine bay does not look like a fully refurbished one to me.
    Vins don't match. Definately a scam. Now I just may win it tonight. As soon as I ask for a piece of paper with his user name next to the vin it will be nothing but crickets.

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    I had the high bid but didn't make reserve. Why would a scammer have a reserve? That auction cost him 10 bucks to run.

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    He won't pay it anyway. Probably used a phony ID.
    David Teitelbaum

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    Dammit I wanted to see Michael win the bid lool

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