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Thread: Purchasing a Delorean from out of state

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    Quote Originally Posted by David T View Post
    Because it is an "out-of-State" sale you must make VERY certain you are getting a '"clean" Title and there are no erasure marks, corrections or typos that could mess up your trying to Title and register it in another State. Also get a Bill of Sale. Some States require it in addition to the signed Title so they can assess fees and taxes on the transaction. You want to get everything you can and not need to go back. When you pick up the car be sure to ask what else goes with it. Oftentimes you get all kinds of stuff just by asking. Manuals, BTTF stuff, spare parts, service records, whatever.
    Thanks, just asked the owner all these questions

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    Congratulations on your purchase, sadly for me but a fast decision by you has gotten you a good D.
    I have also been chasing VIN 6602. This car was priced sensibility and at $23,500 allows for plenty of margin to get it up to speed. A very smart buy on your part and I hope it all goes well.
    The search continues...

    Quote Originally Posted by MTB View Post

    Im about to purchase a Delorean from out of state and just wanted every ones opinion on it. Im buying it for 23.5k Here are some pictures: I have a few more pictures if you need to see anything else.

    Please let me know what you think of it. Also anyone have any recommendations on a shipping company?


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    Quote Originally Posted by MTB View Post
    Also anyone have any recommendations on a shipping company?
    When I purchased my car from CA, I had it shipped to NY in December 2016. I followed the advise of other DeLorean owners and used 4 Corners Transport. They were very good and the price quoted was reasonable.


    Talk to Jeff or Ellen.

    Definitely get the enclosed carrier. It's definitely worth the extra money when dealing with potential issues with the louvre blowing off if the car is ever transported backwards.

    Thanks and good luck.

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