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Thread: Upper door panel Pics

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    Upper door panel Pics

    Hey guys, Im wondering if anyone has any pictures of the Plastic panels underneath the upper inner door panels. (you know, the leathery pieces with the vertical stitching).

    I'm doing some reupholstering on my car and unfortunately my D only came with 1 panel. My 1 panel is mostly complete, but is broken into 15 pieces and is missing a good sized piece off of one of the ends. My plan is to attempt to make fiberglass replacements, but I'm going to need to do some freehand molding.
    since mine is missing a chunk off the end, I'd like to see a couple pics just to be sure there aren't any weird contours/mounting pieces that I need to make.

    Or if anyone has a lead on where to find replacements...I'd love to know where. I haven't seen anything.


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    Try this
    Bob 919-477-7516
    He has a lot of used parts. Durham, NC.
    David Teitelbaum

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