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Thread: Bolster cover,cap early vin question....

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    Quote Originally Posted by JIMJAM View Post
    Not to scale so I will measure mine, post them here or email DMC and figure it out. If someone knows feel free to post. Vin 1597 btw.

    EDIT- Tried to measure it but it is like trying to measure a kidney. My guess it the ones out of stock "wide" is what I need. After 35 yrs I have learned that is how these cars work.

    Just going by eye it appears to look like the narrow one the right. However, either that picture is flipped or that is for the passengers side.
    PM me your address info and I will mail you the print out for the "Bolster end cap templates.pdf".
    I printed it out in actual size.

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    People can't just look and tell? The pdf sent to me on page 1 shows the 2 sizes and they are shaped totally different. I had no time to stare at it today but if those outlines/templates whatever are the actual shapes should be easy to visually id. No rush I am building up a order.
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