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Thread: Engine Stutters when A/C is turned on.

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    Make sure the battery is fully charged and the alternator is putting out power. If the system voltage drops too low the ignition system will "sputter". If your system voltage is good then your secondary ignition system is breaking down somewhere and probably needs to be replaced aka a tune-up.
    David Teitelbaum

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMC5180 View Post

    When was the last time the the ignition system was overhauled?

    We constantly replace things, so it's muddy. Ignition Coil was a few years ago. Tune up a couple years ago I believe. Nothing real recent, so no red flag suspicions.

    Do you have the New Fuel pump module setup? Yes, we're on our second new fuel plump module.

    What is your current fuel level? Well, I drove to the gas station today to put some Techron in a full tank, and it drove just fine there -and back. Crazy.
    I tried the A/C. Just fine! Tried accellerating. Just fine!
    I suppose she wanted a fresh flower...

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