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Thread: adding a fuse to WUR and other updates?

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    adding a fuse to WUR and other updates?

    I was reading my log from my previous D the other night and read that I had installed a fuse on the power line for the WUR.

    Is this still a thing to do?

    What else are considered other essential mods/tweaks?


    RPM relay- bitsyncmaster
    LED taillight boards
    LED door/dash lights
    replace door lock controller with other device - whats best?
    Fuel pump update- DMCH ?
    Stainless clutch line
    stainless brake lines

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    You don't need "LED" tail light boards, you can use stock if you beef them up or older updated boards and then get LED bulbs. I purchased the bulbs off amazon and saved a good deal of $. Fuel pump update I don't think is "essential", I'm still running the original setup just fine so I guess it's a matter of opinion, same with door lock control. I'd suggest an upgraded alternator, cooling fans and radiator if it is the original plastic. Another may be upgraded soft fuel lines and also the lines going to the fuel distributor if the current are original.
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    i think I found my answer about the fuse

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    and my other question answered here

    guess I should of searched first!


    I already have most of the major mods. My car is not coming out of long time dormant...

    I already have

    1. modern alternator
    2. Stainless clutch line with wilwood master
    3. LEDs in tailights, sidemarkers, interior, and doors
    4. refreshed cooling system with new hoses and water pump
    5. Toby fans (just installed these)
    6. DMCH fuel pump/senter unit
    7. Stainless brake lines (on bench with new front calipers)
    8. DMCH relay and fuse update/new
    9. Various grounds cleaned up

    what Im looking for are some of the other updates....smaller ones that are good-to-do, but dont make the top 10. Like the Fuse for the WUR.

    I recall something about adding extra grounds, to the transmission? and too the ECU ? hmmm.

    running the 82 shorter speedometer cable, or eliminating the counter box...(to preserve the angle drive)

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    It looks like you have a good list of things already done. As mentioned, I would definitely recommend SS fuel lines if you haven't already done those.

    Also, for the door lock system there are new digital systems to replace the original controller and solenoids/actuators but if you are adventurous, you can repair & mod the original one. Here is a thread on that:

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    another few small mods that I found:

    1. update the ground for the inertia switch = cut the ground wire coming out of the switch and add a larger size wire (stock is 12 Awg) and run to a ground point under the console next to the shift boot.

    2. Add ground from trailing arm bushing bolt (ground wire to battery location)to the transmission case

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