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Thread: Motor cuts after engaging the clutch

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    Motor cuts after engaging the clutch

    Hi folks,

    I was going thorugh older posts but not sure if I got the right information out of it. Therefore I take the liberty to 'present' my case in a new thread:

    Idle speed was and is an issue with my DeLorean. Apart of the fact that idle/low speed regulator response is usually slow, the motor sometimes cuts after engaging the clutch when stopping at a road junction for example.

    I checked the complete system and it seems that all components work as they should. I've also attached a video to show the reaction of the motor when throttling.

    According to the information I found on the net it must be a defective RPM relay which can be replaced with an aftermarket solution as provided by e.g. Is this the right conclusion? Any other thoughts?

    Thanks and cheers

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    No it's not a fault of the RPM relay. If you find the engine stalls letting off the throttle, most times you can solve that problem turning the curb idle screw up (clockwise) a little.
    Dave M vin 03572

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    Aside from your idle problem, I whole heartedly recommend the solid state RPM relay from Dave. It's a nice upgrade.

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    Thanks for your reply. Will try turning the curb idle screw up a little. I hope it is that easy...


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