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Thread: My New DeLorean 3D Model

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    My New DeLorean 3D Model

    Several years ago I wanted to create my first car model in 3D Max, and I was eager to build a DeLorean. Throughout that process, I was able to complete the stainless steel shell and a few other parts before an incident occurred. Some power outage knocked out my computer while working on the model, and I could not open the file again. This was one scenario I learned to make more than one for backup.

    Fast forward to a couple weeks ago.

    At the beginning of my small education in Austin for game development and design, I was already on the road to building another DeLorean model in Blender when our art professor gave me and another artist an assignment to make a model asset for a game genre. I eventually got the car finished before the deadline a week later, although it needed some last-minute tweaking (like the rear end was a tad too wide and roughly squarish). Then, next part of the same assignment was to texture the model and render it. I can't say whether I had more fun modeling the DeLorean or texturing it. Either way, it now looks absolutely beautiful and I'm so ecstatic to show it to you all. For now I only have the exterior and the tires completed.

    In case you're wondering about what game genre I was focusing on for the car, I thought racing, action/adventure (like GTA), or simulation.

    Also, here's my original thread of the other model DeLorean in 2011.
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    That's cool. A couple of guys here in my office recently bought 3D printers and have been printing out all sorts of odds and ends. I told one of them to make me a DeLorean. I guess they found the template online somewhere. Everything turned out cool except the wheels.




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    Looking nice. I've been tweaking mine for years..maybe tomorrow when Im on my other machine I'll post a pic...though Im not adept at low poly.
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    I used to think my car was roughly 9k polys, but that would've been before I mirrored it to double the polys. It was honestly around 7k, because now it's 14k.

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