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Thread: 4 seater DeLorean is finished!

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    4 seater DeLorean is finished!

    My 4 seater conversions is finally finished, so just wanted to share a few pics!

    VIN #2449 has a custom chassis (built by Joe Cahill in Ireland which uses the complete rear subframe out of a Renault Alpine GTA - engine, transmission, suspension, etc), and a modified fiberglass body to make room for the rear seats.

    The project was started in Ireland in 2010 and was at Eurofest 2011 in Belfast as a rolling chassis, but I then moved to the US for work and the project was on hold for a number of years. With a huge amount of help from Marc Levy and Tom Sweeney here in the US, the car was finally on the road at the end of last year, and since then I've worked on getting the interior finished. This past weekend we took it for it's maiden voyage with my wife and 2 kids aboard - it was a long wait but it was worth it!










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    Really interesting, I admire the perseverance! Where was the battery moved to?

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    The battery, fuses & relays, etc was moved inside the rear left pontoon

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    Fantastic work John.
    VIN 2743, B/A, Frame 2227, engine 2320

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    Brilliant! Hope to see it in person some day!
    - Martin - VIN 5436 -

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    Awesome work! Truly a one of a kind car!

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    Very good, perfect for the ride with kids

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    Love the seat color and sculpted upholstery styling in the spirit of Proto -1.

    Hope your kids will be able to enjoy it for a few years or at least till they hit that growth spirt.

    Well done

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    I love it...!
    After nearly two years of VIN 4728 being on standby to have its new exhaust installed, losing priority to a kitchen/living room renovation, and 60-80 hour work'll be back in action by the end of June '19.

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    Quick video of our first trip in the car, took the kids out for ice cream in the 4 seater!

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