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Thread: 4 seater DeLorean is finished!

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    Great job. Reminds me of the prototype with the tan interior. Looks like the same room as an 80's Camaro in the back

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    Sharing a video that Jalopnik filmed on the 4 seater for their "Build of the Week" series at the end of June - it gives a good overview of how and why the conversion was done

    Also, this is the accompanying article they wrote (please excuse the title of the article!)

    The article also includes some info on how the car was built along with some pics - almost saves me the bother of trying to find time to put together a build diary!

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    Nicely done sir! Congratulations!

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    Pretty amazing work, and patience. Most people would have not even reached as far as you did and finished. Great way to represent the Delorean community.

    Enjoy your piece of art for many years to come!
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