So you may have heard of Delorean Bluetooth Company. Well, I was looking for a way to upgrade my stock Craig Radio and have some nice modern touches. I saw some things on Facebook about Delorean Bluetooth Company and I also saw Dave Tavres youtube video and thought that was a cool upgrade. I contacted Dimitri and shipped my Radio to France.... Dimitri had a super quick turnaround time and I had the radio back in no time. It comes with a switch installed that allows you to switch between radio and bluetooth functions. Also a microphone that you can put somewhere discretely and make hands free calls with your phone. If you've ever tried to drive a 5 speed with the phone to your ear this is difficult.
All in all I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to keep the stock radio their car but are looking to add some modern flair. Also Dimitri repairs my tape deck (bad drive belt) and cleaned the pots and other parts of the internals. This radio is like new. I am very happy with it. Just thought I'd share the information on this.