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Thread: Reasons why you should and shouldn't own a Delorean article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodint View Post
    Delorean curb weight is 2,712lbs, right? Is the 3,200 in the article with all of the tacky BTTF crap bolted onto it?
    I saw that too but didn't feel like expounding the effort of rebuttal at the time. I read it as the author thinks the stock (non-BTTF) car weighs 3200 pounds.

    The facts as I understand is the car's curb weight is 2712 lbs while the gross weight is 3180, where the gross is the max weight the car was rated for when it left the factory (passengers, cargo, etc.). So saying the car weighs 3200 pounds in stock form is almost always going to be erroneous unless you're carrying ~500 pounds of shat... or 300 pounds of shat + one 200 pound human... or whatever other combination.

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    This was a great article to read.
    If I was to write it, the list both for and against ownership would have read: 1) It's a Delorean. The End.
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    An article that gets more than one fact correct?!
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