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Thread: LFX 3.6 Delorean

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    LFX 3.6 Delorean

    Currently working on my LFX conversion. I chose this engine for I variety or reasons: because the engines are inexpensive ($1600 - 2015 Camaro LFX with 20k miles); I wanted to do my own thing and I felt it was a right for the job being a V6 with 323hp and 278ft lbs. I am currently finishing a custom flywheel on my Bridgeport mill. I think the hardest thing to do was the crank bolt pattern - no rime or reason to the pattern. I used my rotary table and spindle scope to map it.

    The adapter plate was completed much like the one LS1 - Nick R made, although I was able to keep the stock LFX starter and attached the LFX ring gear to my custom flywheel. Nick R's work has still helped me even though i'm using a different power plant. Thanks Nick (LS1 Nick, kind of famous)

    The engine fits good in the engine bay. I made engine brackets that utilize the OEM mounts. The only fitment problem is the air intake. It is very close to the back GRP bumper support? I will be running my air intake pluming through the bumper support and to the pontoons on each side. The other fitment adjustment was the oil pan. I had to cut/machine/weld a suitable pan from a Buick Enclave.

    ECM- I got the ECM programed by a gentlemen I found on youtube - He works for a jeep place that installs LFX swaps. He built the harness for me too . I still need to adapt the throttle cable to the Camaro gas peddle.

    Power steering delete: I found some LFX swapping Mazda guys who make a bypass pulley and belt.

    Still debating on cutch and pressure plate. Apparently I have an 350z option with Kevlar disk i'm investigation

    Your thoughts and recommendations wecome.

    Ill keep ya posted

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    I have the 350z pressure plate in my LS4 swap. Makes for a pretty heavy pedal, as a heads up.
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    I'm excited to see this project come together! That seems like a really sound engine choice. I can't wait to see pictures of it all together.

    I'm actually seeing my clutch slip for the first time since first doing my swap. It's a kevlar disc with one of the higher pressure Renault pressure plates. I dont actually think it's worn out, I think it unfortunately got saturated with transmission oil due to a leak, and now just doesn't have the friction it previously had due to the oil. I too have to now make a decision on what clutch setup to switch to. My current flywheel is only drilled with the Renault pattern, so I can stick with that if that's easiest. The nice thing there is that it still uses the stock throwout bearing so it would just be a like for like swap. I've also got a flywheel on the shelf ready to go that's drilled for both the AP Racing clutch, and the Nissan 350z clutch. Decisions, decisions...

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