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Thread: Bye-Bye angle drive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vwdmc16 View Post
    I wonder if you have a VSS input and GPS input to that box, which signal gets priority if the two disagree? Say if I was doing a second gear burnout but the car wasnt actually moving.
    According to the Speedbox manual the GPS signal will override other signals - VSS or CAN. So, if GPS is available the speed will be taken from that. Only when GPS is not available (before satellite lock, in tunnels, etc) the speed is taken from vehicle sensors.
    During a burnout with good GPS signal the speedometer will actually show zero if the car is not moving.
    It seems to be a very cleverly designed piece of hardware. I like it a lot!
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    I mounted the GPS antenna on top of the radio bracket (out of sight when the console is installed).
    When I mounted my GPS tracking unit in my car, it came with both a cellular antenna and a GPS antenna. The GPS antenna was just a small flat square shaped gizmo with adhesive foam on the back side. I was able to mount both antennas UNDER the plastic grill below the windshield wipers. It has a clear view of the sky and you can't see it from outside the car. Just wanted to throw that out there as an alternative location if the top of the radio bracket doesn't work out.
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    Another benefit of having a VSS signal, given the right radio, is speed variable volume. I like that feature on modern cars/radios.
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