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Thread: "Eroded" DeLorean by artist Daniel Arsham ?

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    I like it as well. The optical illusion of deep gashes and holes are convincingly done. Grey Borg motif. It has appeal and connects to all the experiences the car has endured. If indeed there is no drive train, this car is worth more now as art.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SS Spoiler View Post
    If I'm seeing this right it doesn't look like
    any holes were cut into the stainless, but body
    putty made to give the appearance of holes...
    Check out some of the other finished shots from the link. They are cut thru in places. Some of the shots Nick found were in the process of making shots.
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    I don't think that this is an illusion. It certainly appears to me that the holes in the stainless are indeed holes (lots of stainless removed). In fact I recall seeing other photos of just the little erosion caverns being sculpted (the hood one specifically) before it was placed on the inside of the hood, after the large hole in the hood was added. There was another photo from above where you can see straight through the hole in the driver side door roof section. This photo kind of shows it. Same with the rear quarter panel; definitely missing stainless:

    If I had to speculate, I was guess that to get the jagged effect, the artist actually deliberately corroded the stainless. Stainless steel is far from corrosion proof. Something as simple as pool chlorine would eat straight through our 304 panels over time without too much heartache. My assumption (could be wrong) is that this is what is occurring in this photo:

    The artist likely saturated a cloth/sponge/putty/template/something with a corrosive solution, then adhered it to the stainless for a period of time until it ate through.

    It is an interesting thought about possibly being a BHCC find. That does make a lot of sense. There have certainly been some cars sent there where the had limited future beyond something like this.
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    I think I stand corrected...

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    As I was killing time before the soccer starterd today, I have been doing a little research, and I will offer a counter theory to Nick's, excellent though it is.

    Look at this video of the work in progress, specifically at around 2:39

    To me, it looks like the holes were cut out with a torch or grinder. At a guess, the cardboard above is a template both for the hole and the mould that he makes the crystals in.

    Just a thought.

    As for the car itself, my best guess is that it is this one, assuming that it did indeed come from BHCC

    Based on:
    Auto shifter with medallion
    Console clock
    Door mounted grab handle
    Fender mounted aerial
    Before March 2017 (first instance of it at his place, though I couldn't locate that last pic from Nick showing the BHCC tag)

    There is the minor in-congruence that the one linked has an engine and a dirty frame.

    There were only a couple of BHCC cars that were sold without engines and they were generally trashed throughout, where as the subject car seems in decent shape, even down to the dash and binnacle
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    This whole concept reminds me of an article
    in Car and Driver or Road and Track of ways to
    utilize old Yugo cars. Everything from BBQ'S,
    dog houses and bookshelves. Neat if someone
    could find it and post....

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