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Thread: Albuquerque help needed please....

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    Albuquerque help needed please....

    My son has accepted a job at Sandia Labs in ABQ. We're going to move him out there at the end of this week. We've been there before and think the beer scene is great. We'll be visiting as many as we can (again) while there, but that's a story for another day.

    For those of you out there, can you recommend a good apartment complex or at least a good part of town to be looking at? He doesn't want a crazy commute but doesn't need to be smack dab down by the AF Base either. He's not a sun worshiper (closer to vampire) so having the big fancy resort-like pool area is not a prerequisite. Looking for safe, younger, sociable area. We'll have to let him work on the GF situation himself!

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