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Thread: Gift idea for boyfriend

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeLoreanGirl View Post
    Budget is about $200

    He's got one of these and when did they get so expensive?

    30 and $200

    not sure how to take that

    The metal thing is neat, but I'm not on facebook. I don't think he has anything from DMCH. Not sure how I'd take a picture without him knowing.

    I'm involved in a lawsuit over it. If you see it for sale don't buy it.

    I know. They were $30 when I got mine.

    I can't take a photo of myself and don't have anyone to help with that and wouldn't let anyone see me that way.
    Then just show up naked and bring beer

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve View Post
    Then just show up naked and bring beer
    I've never seen him drink beer. Sorry to shoot down every suggestion. If it were easy I wouldn't have asked for help.

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    Get him a cake with a picture of a DeLorean on it? Or just make one yourself and stick a model DeLorean on top of it? My friends did that for me the year I bought my car and I still have fond memories of it

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    How about you make him a "voucher" for a free pass for a whole weekend where he can do what he wants, see his friends with his D without question and without interrupting him, questioning him, or adding your opinion in too.

    Total cost to you: $5 for the paper/ card/ ink to make said voucher

    Total value to him: Priceless
    RIP Rob van de Veer Top bloke

    I say Sir, I must be mad, one loves fixing K-Jet !

    Make sure there's plenty in the tank for the weekend chaps....

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    He might not drink beer. But something else. Then this might by useful:

    But I have not seen them in real and can't tell about the quality.
    Always a filled fuel tank.

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