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Thread: The Iron Man DeLorean

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    The Iron Man DeLorean

    Finally, have found some time to begin work on my latest DeLorean Project. I have titled it " the new delorean" or "the Iron Man Delorean".

    Why Iron man? Because we have decided that the new "non stock" interior will have the Iron man color scheme. This is red/maroon with gold accents.
    The new dashboard will be maroon. The car now has.

    1. Vented front disc brakes.
    2. Out riggers on the lower A arms
    3. Redesigned front end - more on the this later.
    4. 36" wide radiator with 3 cooling fans - like the Lotus
    5. New AC condensor with pusher fans.
    6. Por 15 painted frame.
    7. SS braided brake lines.
    8. Totally new front storage bonnet. With VERTICAL spare tile. More than 50% more storage area!. You can actually fit a front tire and close the hood.
    You can also fit a rear tire but the hood will be up about 1"
    9. Stock seats are now POWER- see previous posts.
    10. Relocated pedal box to give more room for the gas pedal and big shoes.
    11. Full size power windows

    AND lots more in the workS

    COME TO THE DCS "after party" and see the Iron Man Delorean.
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    This should be interesting.
    Lotus windows? That must have been a pain to make fit.
    How did you get red Delorean seats?

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    I'm curious about your dashboard with the spray foam.

    I was trying something similar with my binnacle. Just curious if you've done anything like that before and any tips on the process?

    I was planning to shape the foam and then cover with a textured spray rubber for durability. Then cover with new vinyl.
    Was thinking of a similar process for my dash.

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