Hello all,

I am selling off some of my Hot Wheels DeLorean stash in an effort to raise funds for my DeLorean Manufacturing T-40 Tow Tractor project. Please see listings under ebay seller ID "deloreanalley". I have a number of 2010 Gold, 2010 Black, 2011 Back to the Future Time Machine, 2015 Red HW City and Race editions. Contact me if you are looking for a particular car that I might not have listed yet. Priced to move and ready to ship. Multi-car lots starting at $9.99 and up.

I wished I could attend DCS 2018 this year but unfortunately can not make it tying up my funds with my T-40 purchase last winter. For those going DCS 2016 was a blast and kudos to the convention team. I hope to attend DCS 2020 with DeLorean Manufacturing T-40 #94. For those attending this year's show Manson Cheung (creator of our DeLorean Hot Wheels cars) will be onsite. Does anyone need some Hot Wheels for him to autograph? I can hook you up before DCS. Thanks for your consideration.

Matt Metzinger
Arkansas City, KS
VIN 961 Manual Blk Interior (May 2002 - Sept 2009)
Now rebuilding DMC Logan Tug D2T40-0094

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