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Thread: Delorean request for Abingdon VA

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    Delorean request for Abingdon VA

    I received a call/voicemail today from the city events planner for Abingdon VA. wanting to know if I would be interested in showing my DeLorean for an 80's theme city event. Apparently it's a big deal as the main street will be closed (September 29th I believe). Anyway I seriously doubt I will be free as I work 6 days a week and I never drive my car as it is. Even so I don't like to commit to such a thing because of unknown weather. I do know there are one or two D's in that area so if you are interested, PM me and I will send you her contact info. No payment was mentioned in her voicemail so that particular ball will be in your court.

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    I told my wife about my message and she wanted to do it, so weather permitting, I will take the day off and go but I'm sure 2 Delorean's are better than one if anyone is interested. She also mentioned if I knew anyone with other 80's iconic cars to please get in touch.

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