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This wear issue requires either door adjustment or contouring of the fiberglass body to assist with seal fitment along some of doors tighter points.
Not necessarily true, at least not in my case.


I had the exact same wear pattern, both with the original seals, and with new, pre-2016 design seals. The bulb on both seals hung up at the same corner of the windshield and the corner where the roof section begins at the rear. (2 spots on each door, left front, left rear, right front, and right rear).

Because I had enough of door issues, I decided to try the newly designed seals, and was prepared to do this contouring at the same time. I removed both seals and tried opening and shutting the doors. They worked awesome. No alignment issues, even on my early doors. I then did about a millimeter on one of the 4 spots (right rear), thinking that this was necessary, then decided to install the newly designed seals and check before proceeding any further.

Lo and behold, the seals cleared the door frame in these 4 trouble spots and of course, elsewhere. This is because the bulb sits properly upright enough to give clearance, not angled towards the door frame. I carefully inspected all 4 areas while slowly closing the door to ensure there was no hanging up issues. There weren't, and I didn't have to do the contouring where I did, because there was plenty of clearance. I still did the recommended silicone application and letting the car sit in the sun for a few hours after installation.

Afterward, my doors shut beautifully, for the first time since owning the car. No slamming, no door stuck shut, no broken door latches, no need to constantly reapply silicone. Just 2 doors that close gently with one hand, and no bulb wear apparent in these 4 areas after a year.

Now, I'm not suggesting that new DMC seals will cure all misalignment issues with our doors, but these seals solved my issues.

I would suggest removing the seals and testing the doors operation to determine if you need this contouring procedure done. Then, properly install new design seals and carefully inspect these 4 areas for clearance. Finally, if necessary, remove the seals and do the surgery.