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Thread: Another "Screen used BTTF Delorean" has popped up

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    Another "Screen used BTTF Delorean" has popped up

    This time it's over seas... and this girls youtube channel is pretty popular. Should have done their homework but she is claiming it's screen used!!

    Head to her facebook page and scroll until you see the original delorean post.... she getting a few posts calling her out already!
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    Every DeLorean that was painted was painted at the

    Every time machine ever built has had M.J. Fox sit behind the wheel and was used in filming.

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    This car keeps cropping up - It's owned by the Joe Macari garage in London - was previously on display at a jewellers for many years in Cornwall. It was one of Gary Weaver's early "conversions", but the current owner seems to be sound convinced it is "the" car... oh dear. He's done radio interviews etc., keeps saying the same. We have told him he's very wrong, but of course he doesn't want to know....

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    She's been called out pretty much on all her social media for this not being a screen used car, yet she refuses to change her video title. Hopefully she does, certainly don't want this guy using the video in the future and being like see look... even she said or knows its screen used. I believe this was one of Gary Weavers first cars no?

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