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Thread: Delorean Sputters/Bucks on acceleration wont run right "stage 2"

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    Yeah... definitely wait to do that until you resolve the existing engine problem. Not going to solve your problem; was intended as advice for after problem is solved.
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    Also to add to this the rpm never changes it just acts like fuel starvation

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    Well, there is a difference between fuel pressure and fuel volume.... Maybe look at volume... a hose can almost be blocked and pressure is the same...

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    Quote Originally Posted by txdmc View Post
    I increased the base timing to 18 degrees. That seemed to just change the pitch of the noise. I did mange to run it in closed loop, got the dwell meter swing to around 20. But still when you give it gas it acts like the fuel is cutting out. A slight press on the throttle gets it driving but while driving if you give it more gas it just bucks and cuts out.

    Firing order is correct because after re assembly I drove it about 40 miles round trip on the highway and it ran great. The valves have been adjust 2 times to the factory spec.
    First, I agree with Dave...Resolve the low voltage first -- Forget the dash gauge and use a meter!

    Since you now have the lambda working (20 & pulsing), I'd suggest investigating the popping and Control pressure next.
    You can verify the fire and order by pulling one plug at a time. You can see/hear RPM drop. If all hit and the RPM drop is fairly even, I'd check the control pressure next. Otherwise, I'd pull the plugs to check their condition and compare them with each other, and, do a compression check.
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    Just an update: solved mostly

    I installed a new idle speed switch, didnít hook the wires up to the correct terminals

    Car drives like a stage 2 now in closed loop mode, idle is perfect and that volt meter wonít budge from 13 no matter how many accessories are on. A slight sputter, going to write that off as fouled plugs/o2 sensor from all the hacking with the mixture.

    Will get it with the dwell meter in the coming days along with the new plugs and o2 sensor. Canít keep the neighbors up with the loudness. Amazing how a simple switch of wires could create such an issue.

    Drives like a dream now. Took it down some farm roads that are nice and new and curvy with hills.

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