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Thread: VIN 3582 - Any information?

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    VIN 3582 - Any information?

    Does anyone know about this seller / the car? The VIN is 3582. I believe the seller previously sold another project DeLorean and has been trying to sell this car for a long time.

    I believe the car spent its original life in Virginia, it is now in Galway, Ireland.

    I am in touch with the seller and he's sent some high res photos/videos of the car (albeit no chassis photos yet).

    It is missing seats, a lot of interior parts by the looks of it, and the interior parts which are there need replacement (carpet, leather coverings, etc). Also looks like the wiring is in poor condition and need of completely redoing potentially.

    The car is for sale for 21,000 - the seller says its running (and has sent me a video of it running), what do guys here think of this valuation ?

    Any help appreciated.

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    Seems like a good price for a car already imported, albeit to Ireland and I assume you are on the mainland. The guys in the UK might be able to best guide you on the value
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    Thanks - yes I'm in England. I will post on the UK club forum too.

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