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Thread: how to install evaporator/heater core boot?

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    how to install evaporator/heater core boot?

    Is there any trick to getting the evaporator/heater core boot (part# 105847) pulled back over the retaining ring? I've been struggling with if for a couple of hours now. There doesn't seem to be any way to get my fingers into a position where I can get a good enough grip to pull the lip over the ring.

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    Yeah not fun.
    I've used flat head screwdrivers, plyers and bicycle tire levers before with good results. Probably not the correct tools to use but that's what I had on hand. Heating up the boot may also help it stretch a bit - not sure but worth a try.
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    My friend helped me do an A/C conversion recently. He's an actual mechanic (as opposed to me, who makes it up as I go along), and after fighting with this for the better part of an hour we agreed that just using the caulk strip you use to re-seal the evaporator box would be just fine to hold down that last corner. I'll be keeping an eye out for leaks, but it seems pretty solid.

    Not the right answer, and I still have to fill the A/C system and drive the car, but I didn't want to spend anymore time on that boot. Hopefully someone else will be able to provide a good answer.

    -- Joe

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    I just struggled with this yesterday replacing my evap. Was trying to go at it alone, best to have someone else to help guide it in from wheel side while you push it from inside the car. I gave up and just folded it back and will end up cutting it and then wrap the two ends around the pipes.

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    To answer my own question...

    After struggling with this for way too long, I put the boot across a reversed woodworking clamp, extended the clamp to stretch out the boot, and let it sit that way for about 20 minutes. Then I quickly took the boot off the clamp and installed it on the car. With the boot stretched out a bit from sitting on the clamp, it only took me a minute with a flat head screwdriver to get it pulled around the lip. After a while it tightened up a and seems to be held on reasonably well.

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