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Thread: Custom alternator adjuster/turnbuckle

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    Custom alternator adjuster/turnbuckle

    I helped this guy in the UK - a real petrol head develop a "Turnbuckle" adjuster for the Delorean.

    Restoring #11789 and having the alternator belt on and off many times - fitting exhausts, sensors , wiring ...I got frustrated at trying to tension the alternator then tighten everything up. As I say - done it loads of times.

    This bracket makes replacement/tensioning an absolute dream.
    I've removed the original bracket , bagged it and will keep it - so please if there are any DeLorean owners who frown on this, the car can easily be returned to stock.

    There are some great aftermarket alternator brackets out there already - this one deserves a mention.

    Phil is on E bay and facebook . If you were to price up the components & factor in overheads and it's a fair price.
    Currently resurrecting Vin # 11789 - the last of the batch of 50 exported to the Middle East. She's looking a bit sad !

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