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I have the same switch that Bigmac posted. The switch that he used is an old Rostra switch for an early 1980's Ford (Rostra Part # 250-3100). NOS Rostra switches of this type may be available on Ebay, which is where I found mine back in 2015. However, it's not a plug and play swap. The Rostra switch comes with the stalk attached and it won't simply install into the DMC switch.

As Bigmac confirmed within his PM to me, he had to lathe out the Rostra switch and graph it onto the stock DMC stalk. IIRC he also figured out a way to make the horn work as well. The push button on the end of the Rostra switch is for a cruse function as opposed to the horn. IIRC the Ford horn switch is activated by a switch at the end of the stalk by the steering wheel.
OH Ok Interesting!! Thank you!!. I have installed Rostra Cruise in other vehicles and it works great. Just thought this looked like"stock" if Delorean ever had cruise.