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Thread: Ca smog legal 3.0 motor swap

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    Ca smog legal 3.0 motor swap

    Hello, wanted to share my mod., 3 years ago I bought vin 4606 with a blown motor, My intention was to get the HP John wanted and keep it as much Delorean as possible so I opted for the 3.0 PRV. I bought a motor from a junkyard up north and also bought an Eagle premier for related parts. I used the bottom end of the 2.8 and relocated my custom built reluctor wheel and pick up trigger to behind the crank pulley. I used the premier computer to drive the existing spark and fuel injection along with most eagle sensors. I mounted the computer passenger side where the old one was. I used the 2.8 exhaust manifolds because I wanted to keep the stock exhaust and stove box. They're cast iron and even though I've had decent luck in the past welding cast by pre and aft heating and using high nickel rod I decided to pipe the EGR tube to the bend just before the muffler, that way i'm getting cooler, cleaner gas to the intake manifold. I kept with the serpentine belt and remounted the alternator to the pass side as the eagle is opposite. The BAR wanted the stock thermostatically controlled air filter box for the Premier on the Del so I used the bottom of a 1990 2.5 wrangler and the top of the premier. In order for the box to fit I relocated the water tank to driver side and put the air box in it's place.I know there's tons of little thing I'm not mentioning but I want to let Ca car owners that there's a way to upgrade and legally be on the road in CA. Took a few trips to the DMV and on my second trip to the Miramar Referee I asked Tyler Sparling of Deloreans San Diego to go with and drive the car. He has a stage two, 2.8 and was impressed with the drive-ability of 4606, he said the low end torque was quite an improvement and the extra power was evident. Tyler, you were a major contributor to my success and I consider you a DMC Guru. Anyway, I'm drifting, End of story is Referee calls us in his office and says congratulations you have a certified California smog legal engine transplant and he affixed a BAR sticker to the engine bulkhead . I asked how many others there are and he said this is the first and only. Well I'm on cloud 9 now and anyone doing the same i'd be happy to be of help. If there's interest I'll figure out how to get pics posted. Thanks

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    here's the pics

    Bear with me, first time.. Ken
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