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Thread: Here's my banana...

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    Here's my banana...

    I've wanted to add a banana peel prop to the Mr Fusion. No more rotten banana peels. One day I was riding the bike and came across a yellow leather glove (deerskin I believe). Since folks never lose them in pairs, it was obvious that it was its density was to be a BTTF banana peel. This is the first attempt. The glove was a large so the peel is a bit small. It needs some trimming but is good to go ... until I find another glove to make rev-2.0

    Banana peel 2.jpg

    I simply split the threads to get the bigger pieces of leather fingers. Then I trimmed the stitch holes from the leather. I tried to shape it sorta banana shape but in the end I don't think that it is terribly important. Where the leather pieces (the individual peels) come together it is stapled with the staples going the long way with the peel. Stack the leather, two up and two down, staple, turn it over and staple again (stapling this way allows you to roll it when doing the stem). For now, the stem is some fabric I found laying around. I cut a strip and glued the back of the fabric and wrapped the leather. I'll be watching for some browner fabric ... I'm not delighted with the current fabric.
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    density....good one

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    Looks good to me! Although now you will have to find a different snack to bring to car shows.
    David Proehl

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