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Thread: Bought another Giugiaro Designed car

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    Bought another Giugiaro Designed car

    Hey all,so ive ventured into the realm adding to my dream car collection now that my delorean is finally paid off. I had a few cars in mind ive always wanted to own, but I need something to wrench on outside of work to keep me busy. I found a private collector with a massive collection of cars who was making space. This is what i ended up with. She needs some underside work and maybe some electrical stuff ( definitely) But she runs. Another Giugiaro beauty and almost as good looking as the Delorean!

    Here are some pics. 1978 Lotus Esprit S2
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    Very nice. Im too tall for one of these or I would have one too!

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    Beautiful. One of my dream cars as well. Iím sure she handles great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmyvonviggle View Post
    Beautiful. One of my dream cars as well. Iím sure she handles great.
    +1 Congratulations!!

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    Great color too
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    Quote Originally Posted by mark w View Post
    Very nice. Im too tall for one of these or I would have one too!
    ^ X2!!

    Beautiful car!

    Sept. 81, auto, black interior

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    Go over to Lotustalk and find the forum for the S2's. Lots of known issues but also fixes for them and info on where to get parts and service. Like Deloreans, the electrical system is a weak link, both have Lucas to thank for that. You might want to join Lotus Limited and find a local Lotus group. If you think Deloreans are hard to work on and get parts for, wait till you start working on your Lotus!
    David Teitelbaum

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    Totally jelouse . I to want to own an Older esprit. Not sure I would fit but was talking to the delorean go guys at DCS about them. Chris has owned a few and he told me the same thing. Join lotus talk lol. I dig that forest green color to. Congrats man !

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    Great choice man. Imagine those are a pain to work on, but a great car nonetheless.

    Always called that car the Delorean's cousin.

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    I really like it!
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