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Thread: VIN 6041 comes home

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    VIN 6041 comes home

    I recently dropped into DMCFL, and was very pleased to see VIN 6041, aka "Tony's car" gleaming in the showroom:

    This represents good news.

    Many of you also knew that Proto 1 was and is on display at the AACA museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania, but the car next to it was VIN 6041:

    Well, now the car is back home in Tony Ierardi's hands. Tony graciously opened it up and let me take an in-depth look his car, so I wanted to share some pictures with you all:





    As I walked around the car, mesmerized by the attention to detail, one word came to mind: flawless. I only saw this car in a magazine article at the time I bought my car, but it was the main inspiration to the level of my restoration efforts. This car represented to me an extreme example of what a DeLorean can be, a high water mark if you will. To see in the essence, I was taken back to 1981 and was looking at a brand new car in the showroom. In fact, it still had that new car smell inside.

    Tony, thank you for your ongoing stewardship of this fine car, for being one of the fastidious Concours owners that maintain the standard for us all, and for letting me tour around this magnificent car that day.

    I understand that the car is now being transferred to Tony's home. So truly, 6041 is back where it belongs.

    Congratulations Tony!

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