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Thread: A hole in the intake manifold

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    A hole in the intake manifold

    While cleaning and inspecting the intake manifold, I noticed a tiny hole between the two vacuum ports. I'm not sure if it's just an imperfection in the casting or something more serious like a huge vacuum leak? I cleaned the area and applied JB Weld to be safe, but what do you think? Perhaps it's just an empty void?


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    Looks like a hole to me. A paperclip would have helped determine prior to the JB weld...
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    There is a bolt on the top of the intake that holds part of the ISM mounting bracket. Iíll bet you are looking at the bottom of that threaded hole. They probably drilled the casting a little too deep. When they machined the aft hole for closing plug it just broke into the drilled hole above. The plug was likely driven in far enough to cover the part you canít see. Had you not put the JB on it, you may have been able too shine a light on the outside and looked into the hole too see it.

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    I have an intake manifold sitting on my shelf in the garage you can have for cheap if interested. I converted my car away from K-Jet last year so it has no value to me anymore.

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    I appreciate the offer. I got my intake back on and the JB Weld appears to be holding. No issues so far (fingers crossed).

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