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    Quote Originally Posted by Delorean Industries View Post
    We work very hard to answer everyone regardless. Every morning I am provided with a complete list of contacts, inquiries, update requests, quotes etc when I walk through the door. This doesn't mean that any one of us (vendors or manufacturers in this community) are perfect. Things fall through the cracks occasionally not to mention the sheer volume a few of us deal with. With that said I would definitely reach out again if your first messages were not responded to. If you already have a thread going with someone politely bump it. But taking the above approach will not work in a market place with massive vendor changes on the horizon.
    I love it when vendors tell me what to do.

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    Suggesting to reach out again if you are not getting responses is telling you what to do?

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    I have to say so far DeloreanGo as been the fastest shipping, email response and most accurate website so far. Also the parts seem to be made of good accurate quality. Again have not had a really bad experience with any of the mentioned vendors but was looking for feedback. Thanks

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