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    I know we are somewhat limited on vendors but has anyone have some serious waiting time on orders placed with DMC. Now everything I ordered appeared to show in stock but when delivered half the stuff was not in the orders. Now this happened on multiple large orders. I had to call and ask on multiple orders where the rest of the items. Would of been nice to know they weren't coming when shipped out. So my question is who are primarily source of parts when doing a full restore or is this the norm because of the specialty of the car. Sorry for the rookie question but this is my first Delorean I'm working on and trying to figure out how to avoid this for future orders. (Which I've been holding off). Im working with 2 other guys with Deloreans that have similar project in the garage but waiting over a month for parts is getting tough to manage. The whole its coming next week is getting old but if this the norm because we are limited then it is what it is. A lot of the vendor posts I've read are pretty old. Sure some got better or some got worse. Thanks in advance.

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    In nearly 10 years, I have never had a problem with DMC midwest in Chicago. Orders arrive quickly,(within 2 or 3 days) and even if there is a hiccup like if something had to be transferred from DMCH, I got a call telling me it might be a few extra days.

    They are the go to guys in DeLorean parts.

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    DMC-H has, more than once in my 9 months of ownership, had to get in touch with me after an order and tell me something was actually out of stock. That said they were very quick and professional about it, and the items that did ship were done so quickly. I'm surprised you had the issue you did as they generally contact me before shipping partial orders.

    I prefer to use Josh and DI, though, as they're 'local' to me and he actually works on my car.

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    Same as micheal, never has midwest missed a thing in my orders or been delayed in any ways. Same with Deloreango. Only options imo

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    DMC-MW, PJ Grady, and DeLoreanGO. I've had problems with all of the other vendors.
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