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Thread: Delorean featured in Turo commercial

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodint View Post
    If you read the terms for one of those events the penalty for going off course is pretty significant. We're not talking damages, but a 'cleaning fee.' I was going to sign my Dad and I up for one at a local road course. The terms stated something in the neighborhood of $400 if you put two tires off and $600 if you put all four tires off the track. This was with a modern Ferrari. The first time I took my BMW 650i out on that same track I put two wheels off on the second lap. Once I saw those terms I figured out something else for us to do with our time.
    There's a service in Vegas that rents exotic sports cars and you can drive them wherever you want for 4 hours. I kind of want to do it but I'm afraid of something like this
    where if it comes back with a rock chip they tell you it's not covered and you owe them $1000.

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    I worked in the automotive industry for years and if thereís anything Iíve learned itís that people tend to not treat rental cars very well.

    I think Turo is an interesting idea if you need the money. But Iíve waited so long to own a DeLorean that the thought of handing over the keys to some stranger just doesnít sit well with me. The car might look fine upon its return but you have no idea how much abuse your brakes, clutch, engine , tires, trans, suspension, etc. are taking during these rental periods.

    Personally Iíd rather find a different side hustle that didnít involve the car of my dreams.

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    Especially suspension!

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