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Thread: Center Console Leather Cover - JF Customs

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    I have the shift boot and the handbrake lever cover, both of which I like. I have orange stitching to match the orange stripes on my car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drive Stainless View Post
    Cameron @ DMC CA will swap out your center console with a recovered one, and the price was reasonable.

    Sorry, this is the best pic I have currently. Zoom in to the console. The only visible seams are very small in the corners.

    Attachment 58166

    Yeah I had seen it in their shop and talked to Danny about it, but they wanted over $500 for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackb View Post
    That looks incredible. I'm not even looking to recover my center console now, but you have left me *needing* to know more.
    Please tell us more - how does one "build a vacuum box"? Can you elaborate on the entire process of what you did?

    Thank you. I built something similar to what is shown in this youtube video.

    I used a vacuum pump instead of a shop vac. and I built supports on top of the box to hold the center console in the proper shape while the pump was running. I also made two frames to sandwich the vinyl material between for placement over the console after the glue was brushed on to both the console and vinyl. I purchased the vinyl off of Amazon, it was called Allsport 4 way stretch vinyl. After placing the vinyl over the console I sealed the space between the frames and box with duct tape. After turning on the vacuum I used a heat gun to soften the material where needed to get it to better form to the console and then I placed a piece of wood wrapped in duct tape into the area where the switches are located to keep the vinyl in place until the glue set up.

    If I were to do it again I would build a larger box, to allow for more slack in the material so that it could be pulled tighter down the sides of the console while the vacuum pump is running.

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