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Thread: Coilover suspension options: QA1 -vs- KW

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    +1 for the QA1 transformed 20069 now drivable at speed.

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    updated my results. see my build thread for my opinion when considering coilovers for the car.

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    I have a KW from Wolfgang and I know several D owners in Germany that have KW suspension too. I recently drove a stock D and I felt like in stone age. You can adjust the KW how "hard" it is and I use the most "soft" option possible and it drives excellent even on not so good roads. I drove 125mph on german highways without issues or with 88mph in a curve you'd not do with stock suspension. Wolfgang has adjusted the "normal" KW to the needs of a D and he did a great job.

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    I have just bought a KW kit. I have seen spax avo and protech shocks before and all I can say is that these KW shocks are really well made.
    I thought that the purple cups were stoppers for the springs, but I discovered that the springs will seat on the shock tower as the factory setup. So to my best knowledge the only "true coilover" kit for the delorean car is the one sold by DPI..

    VIN 4502

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    Good thing those purple rings are removable, they would never fit in the front upper mounts. That kit looks nice though, great to see other options available for our cars.

    I have DPI's setup with their LCAs, it's excellent.

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