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Thread: High Beam not Working

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    Thank you Rich, I will do all of this too. It would be good if it is not the switch.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rich View Post
    Yes, it could be the stalk/dip switch. But first check Fuse 15, high beam (Main Beam) relay. Pull it, inspect it, clean the contacts. Replace or swap in a known good one if in doubt.

    Short version: The high beam fuse and the high beam relay, driven by the stalk switch, run all 4 headlights.

    Normally when the switch is moved to high beam position it turns OFF the low beam filament in the low beam lamps (turns off low beam relay) and it turns ON the high beam filament in the low beam lamps AND the high beams (only one filament in the high beams). Also turns on the blue HB indicator on the dash.

    So if all 4 lamps (and the high beam indicator) are off when switch is in HI position then the high beam circuit (which drives all 4 headlamps) is off when it should be on.

    That can happen if you have a bad dip switch, bad connector at dip switch, bad high beam fuse/socket or bad high beam relay, in order of circuit position. You know the relay is OK. Next easiest check is the High Beam fuse. It is between the switch and the HB relay. If the fuse checks out then you can probe for +12V at the fuse socket to see if the switch and i the switch connector are delivering voltage to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peternikkiskinner View Post
    Definitely pushing the stalk forward and if I push towards me to "flash" the high beams I get nothing too. The regular beam goes out. I like your suggestion about LED's but they will not allow me to install them at present. They will only accept LEDs on cars originally fitted with them. Bureaucracy at its very best!

    It's possible. Just to verify you are pushing the stalk forward towards the front of the car, correct. They don't click like a lot of cars.

    He is suggesting to replace the bulbs in the switches with leds not the actual headlights.

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