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Thread: Under spray

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    Under spray

    Has anyone removed or attempted to remove the under spray and if so want did you guys use. It appears this underspray was done on 83ís. If I would of known this I would of looked for a late 82 for this reason only. This stuff is horrible. I could appreciate the concept especially I know Ferrari was doing this on early 90s cars but of course it was much neater.
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    Air craft stripper in spray can. The one made for plastics is not as aggressive. Traditional is best.

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    Very messy job. Especially if you use solvents or chemicals. Scraping is the least messy way. You can also buy pneumatic tools that can strip it off. Check
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    I had a lot of luck on mine with a heat gun and scrapper. Then I removed the left over residue with Acetone.

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    Dry ice blasting will work, also.
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