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Thread: Door mirror motor

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    Door mirror motor

    Would anyone have a working one of these lying around? I don't need the whole mirror, just the tilting mechanism. I opened one up to see if it could do with a rebuild, but I seem to have broken part of the casing in the process. As a result it won't stay sealed!
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    I recently opened my mirror motor in order to determine why my mirror would only tilt up/down but not side to side. You didn't drill out all those melted down dots of plastic (which are actually pegs from the bottom side plastic that go through the top and are melted down to secure it) and that broke the pegs off. You can still try to drill out those dots, remove whatever broken plastic and then reseal it with the screw and some gorilla glue or epoxy around the edges. By the way, it is a bit difficult to get the top cover lined up with the two bars that hold the gears, it took me a while to reassemble mine. If you don't get them lined up, the cover will not go on and seal.

    I would imagine a failure with these motors is rare. They're built pretty well and have plenty of grease. Any trouble with your mirror is likely a result of wiring in your door. After going through all of this, in the end my issue was just the connector in the door.

    I'd offer to try fixing this for you but shipping would be killer.
    -----Dan B.

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